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Our Purpose

We strive to exceed your expectations by breaking barriers and changing the thinking process of how teams conduct work and  their workplace relationships. We can help you enrich employee cohesiveness and build the upon the vital workplace competencies of emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, communication , collaboration.  and other vital skilss for workplace  success and  harmony.

We’re available to help you navigate even the most difficult issues and we will do it together! 


Management Solutions

Management in today's workplace is filled with a wide range of say the least. The leading of a team along with a manager's leadership style is always under observation.

At Horizon Consulting Group, LLC  we can help you tackle the roadblocks of leadership, overcome challenging employees and build a team that consistently raises the bar of success.  

Our toolbox overflows with fresh ideas to assess, understand and most importantly, implement new directions for change.

We will unequivocally work with  you om the  needs and goals for both employee development and leadership strategies. 

So, only one question remains,.. How do you want to move forward?


Our Foundation

Our KEY principle is to, "Cultivate the Possibilities in People" and navigating that path to achieving your goals is our expertise. 

Horizon Consulting Group, LLC  was born in 2000, with Sheri Callahan at the helm. Sheri brings a BA in Speech Communication and an MA in Human Behavior and Conflict Management to the her work.  The extensive experience in consulting, employee development, interactive training, leadership coaching,  conflict resolution, mediation and keynote speaking makes for a powerful partner in the workplace. Sheri has also been grateful for the wide array of accolades from clients and colleagues across the country. 

HCG is dedicated to helping our clients tackle the many challenges that can be overwhelming in employee development,.. and with the benefits of new knowledge and new behaviors comes remarkable success...find out for yourself AND find out for your team.

Professional Development Success

Training and Keynote Topics


- "Cultivating Rockstar Teams Today!"

- "Emotional Intelligence Competencies for the Workplace"

- "Dealing with Difficult People at Work"

- "Conflict Resolution Skills: A Foundation of Competence and Confidence"

- "Building Powerful Workplace Relationships"

- " 3 Critical Keys  to Creating a Dynamic Workplace Climate"

- "The Success of Leadership with Management Know-How" 

- "Moving Beyond the Workplace Roadblocks"

- "Team Dynamics: A Exercise in Adapting, Acceptance, and Acknowledgement"

- "Clearing the Dark Clouds in Today's Workplace"

- "Successful Careers: The Secrets of  Self-Awareness and Self-Management"

- "Let's Talk: The Art of Putting the Junk on the Table"

- "Mediation Skills for Managers"

Leadership and Professional Development Coaching


Coaching engagements are customized to the individual and their development needs at any organizational level.  

All engagements include the following:

***Example Development Objectives

  1. To  increase self-awareness and self-management
  2. To learn and be able to apply the competencies of emotional intelligence
  3. To practice and apply new strategies in conflict situations
  4. To understand the best practices in working with others
  5. To be able to demonstrate new ways in which to communicate 


 Content of a Coaching Plan

Initial intake with participant / any others 

6 months of coaching

 Strategic goal setting

2 hour meeting per month 

 1 hour phone call per month

Development tasks as requested, i.e. 

professional  journal, reading materials, reviewing video material...etc.

Communication and Conflict Assessment

Assessment and Recommendation Report

Our Clients...their Feedback


       {Limited Sampling of Clients}

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of SC
  • SC Dept of Vocational Rehabilitation
  • US Forest Service; multiple locations
  • SC Association of CPA's
  • Double Tree Hotels
  • SC Primary Healthcare Association
  • US Environmental Protection Agency
  • City of Durham (NC)
  • City of Columbia (SC)
  • Blue Choice
  • Palmetto Government Benefits Admin.
  • Crescent Society
  • Phoenix Manufacturing
  • Marriott Hotels

    {Limited Sampling of  Comments}

*SC Primary Healthcare Association

 -  "Sheri is a powerful, engaging  speaker"

- "Fantastic presentation"

- "Sheri was very interactive!"

- "One of the best presenters ever!"

- "Wonderful speaker"

- "Best in keynote and break-out sessions" 

*Blue Cross Blue Shield of SC

  1. "Sheri is an amazing instructor!"
  2. "Course  in EQ was so helpful"
  3. "Sheri's delivery was meaningful and funny!" 
  4. "Great full day, energizing course!" 
  5.  "Very enthusiastic, easy to listen to; loved it!

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